Scrapdaddy's amazing art car metal wonderland

HOUSTON, Texas -- Mark "Scrapdaddy" Bradford is known for taking junk from the scrapyard and turning it into giant, mechanical beasts that he drives like a car or rides like a bike. Most of his art car creations are towering, hydraulic contraptions such as the 20 foot armor plated armadillos, fire breathing creatures with legs that move, and lizards made of airline galley spoons. He's been participating in the Houston Art Car Parade for over 20 years and has created some of the most famous and award-winning art car creations.

Bradford just opened a massive display of 'Scrapdaddy' art in a huge lot near the Heights. He gave us a look at the incredible mobile art he's planning for the Art Car Parade this year and a sneak peek at his brand new collection of Scrapdaddy art.