'The Bachelor' Finale: Arie attempts to pull a 'Mesnick'

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

NEW YORK -- Arie went into Monday night's episode in love with two women and truly conflicted. The preview showed him getting advice from Jason Mesnick who famously dropped his fiancee for his runner up whom he later married. Could Arie become more controversial than Jason? We've got three hours to figure it all out and another two Tuesday night. Chris Harrison promised we'd see the controversy unfold, unedited.

The season finale began with Arie and his two remaining women Becca and Lauren in Peru. He was hoping his family could give him some clarity on who he should pick. Lauren was up first to meet Arie's parents, twin younger brothers, sister and sister-in-law. Lauren clammed up right off the bat and couldn't even talk about which dates she liked the best! She finally got it together and Arie did his best to calm her down. Lauren did really well opening up to Arie's dad. She even revealed that she had been engaged before, and told his dad that Arie reassures her that they can overcome everything. Lauren told Arie's mother that she's "very much in love" with him and even broke down a bit when talking about how she could lose him. His mom was happy to see how much she loves Arie. His family liked Lauren a lot, they noticed their chemistry and they found her to be very genuine.

The following day, Becca had her turn to meet Arie's family. They both dove right in to talking to them about their feelings for each other and the conversation just flowed. Becca did her best to tell his mother that she loves him and can see a future and even future children with Arie. She revealed her fears about Lauren still being in the picture, and his mom did her best to try to keep Becca's head in the game. His mother genuinely likes both women and also feels torn. Poor Becca had to listen to Arie's dad outwardly compare her to Lauren and how Arie has a tough choice ahead. Becca doesn't want it to be a tough choice, she wants him to just have eyes for her at this point. After Becca left, his family said they thought Becca was more suitable for his personality. They think he needs someone with more "get up and go." Arie told his family he can see a life with both of them.

For some reason, Caroline came out and said that she thinks Arie is toying with both girls. There's rumors that Arie played a mixtape that she made for him during his fantasy suite date with Becca. She still isn't over it.

Arie met up with Lauren for a special railroad ride through the region. They got the whole train to themselves and even got to sight see off the end of the caboose. Arie said he had been hanging on to "glimpses" of Lauren's personality, but since they have said "I love you" he says he sees her. He added that it gets better and better the more time they spend with each other. Once they got off the train they explored Machu Picchu together. It was breathtaking! A truly cool thing to take in together. Arie fell deeper in love with Lauren on this date. He really seems to appreciate every little thing about her.

Later that evening, Lauren and Arie had their bit of time together. This would be the last time they would see each other before the rose ceremony. She took their time together to lay her heart out there and profess every bit of love she could. She wanted him to really understand why she loves him. She finds him very understanding and patient. She says she's not scared of anything and is excited to spend the rest of her life with him. Arie told her that he fell in love with her very fast and he didn't even know why, it's just a feeling. He asked her what she sees when she pictures their lives together. She told him she can see them waking up and having coffee, going to work, taking their dogs for walks, having wine in the evening and visiting their families on the weekends. He said that perfectly fits what he says he wants. Arie added that he wants kids in the near future and said he'd even play golf with Lauren's dad. Lauren said she didn't think that he would let her tell him all of those things about their future and how much she loves him if he knows he's picking Becca. She thinks she has it in the bag at this point.

Sienne and Bekah came out during the live show with Chris Harrison during a break and they seemed to think Arie was causing a lot heartbreak. Bekah said she believes that he's in love with both women, but he shouldn't go forward with a proposal if he's that conflicted.

Back in Peru, it was time for Becca's last date. It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop Becca from bringing her sunny energy. They strolled through the city with an umbrella and took in the local scenery. They went shopping in a marketplace and tried on sweaters, hat and other goods. At last, the sun came out and they found some alpacas to pet! They were so cute! They sat down to hang out and chat for a bit. Arie brought up how honesty is important and after their conversation, Arie started to feel conflicted again. He went in thinking about Lauren, but then Becca won him over again.

During the evening portion of their date, Becca compared their date to their time in Paris because she's afraid he's in love with both her and Lauren. Well her worst fears are true! He loves them both! Becca said that she can't see never talking to him again after the show is over and she just doesn't want to lose him. Arie was honest and said that he's conflicted and that he's going back and forth on "a couple things." That was not what Becca wanted to hear. She asked him how he could like Lauren and her when they are both so different. Arie didn't really answer. He just kept telling Becca that he didn't have questions for her. Becca read to Arie what she thought of what her dad would think of him. Of course it included her signature phase, "do the damn thing." I think she should drop that. But, then she took out a little photo album of their journey and it really made Arie feel like Becca could be the one. The book ended with a "Mr. & Mrs." page and another one that said "first baby." Wow.

Arie left the date feeling overwhelmed. He doesn't feel ready to make the decision between Becca and Lauren. Cue Ben H. and Jason Mesnick to the live stage with Chris Harrison. Ben said he felt like Arie thought it was the right decision at the time to say "I love you" to two women, but said he has to own up to it from his own experience of doing the same thing. Jason said that "you gotta be you." He said that you have to "find that woman and make the decision."

At long last, it was decision day. Arie feels guilty because he went to bed feeling conflicted and he woke up still uncertain. Both women woke up feeling ready to accept a proposal. After walking around town a bit, Arie says he's confident he knows who he wants to grow old with. Just like that, Neil Lane knocked on Arie's door and brought out his case of engagement rings. Arie selected the oval cut ring.

The limos began their drive. Who would get out first? Lauren! Oh poor Lauren, after all those "I love yous" how will she be able to make sense of this? Arie told her she looked beautiful and then immediately started to cry. Lauren started talking and professing her love, Arie just kept blinking back tears. Could she not read his face? He was deep breathing through his nose like nobody's business. He shook his head at one point, but she kept going. She ended by saying, "You're the man I've been looking for my whole life." Arie just shook his head and she stood there shocked and stared at him. He told her that there was something holding him back and that he "can't go through with it." She told him that she didn't even know what to say. He told her that he did fall in love with her, and Lauren could only say that she's extremely confused and that she wishes him the best. They hugged a painful hug, he told her he was "so sorry" and he walked her to the waiting car. She asked him, "Why did you do that?" He told her that he didn't know until the morning and that he was in love with both her and Becca and that he was sorry to put her through this. She told him that she still loved him. He said, "I love you too." What?! Arie said he felt like a monster. In the limo, Lauren said she felt betrayed. "How could you do that to somebody, I don't get it?" she added. She questioned how he could propose to Becca after not knowing who he would choose until three hours ago.

Becca arrived next looking lovely in her black and white floral lace gown. She headed down to the podium where Arie was standing. Becca told Arie how she was "in awe" of him and how he allowed her to be herself. She said she fell for him early and he makes falling in love with him and being in love with him so easy. Arie told Becca that she's beautiful, elegant, and that he knew in their first conversation that she was an incredible woman. He loved meeting her family and that he and Becca are a team. Arie said that she gives him so much confidence and his love for her is "immeasurable." Then Arie proposed! He told her he would choose her everyday and told her that he loves her. He said, "Becca will you marry me?" Becca replied, "Of course!" Cue the happy music! He offered her the final rose! They are engaged and in love - for now. As he spun her around the rose broke, was that an ominous sign?

We finally get to find out what happened after Peru. Arie and Becca thanked their fans from a hammock as they kissed. They made pizza together, laughed, played chess, but Arie said that during his getaways with Becca he thinks about Lauren. He said he thinks about Lauren nonstop. Becca knows that Arie is thinking about Lauren, he said the feelings of the breakup never went away. Arie said that he feels an immense amount of guilt with Becca. He said that he told Becca he would choose her everyday, but he's going to go back on it. "I have to follow my heart," Arie said. He said the possibility of something with Lauren is worth the risk.

Arie met up with Chris Harrison who says, "So Becca doesn't know?" Arie said no, and that he's had a change of heart and that he knows this won't be a popular decision. Becca is waiting for Arie to meet up for their "happy couple" weekend getaway while they were still in hiding as the show was airing. Instead of a fun time, she's getting dumped. Becca is still happy and in love with Arie. This is so unfair to her.

Chris Harrison promised us an unedited breakup - so here we go. Arie walked in and Becca happily greeted him. He didn't kiss her, but went in for a hug. He said, "Can I talk to you a little bit?" Becca said, "You are making me really nervous." Then he commented happily on a tattoo she got in Vegas, but then quickly shifted back to "the talk." He told her that she knows that he's been struggling with his feelings, but said that he still thinks about Lauren and said that he thinks she senses that. Arie said that the more he hangs out with Becca the more he risks losing the possibility of reconciling things with Lauren. She asked him if he wants to be with Lauren, and Arie said he wants to see if there's that possibility. Becca said, "Are you *bleeping* kidding me?" He said he needs to follow his heart. He apparently spoke to Lauren on the phone and realized that the feelings were still there. Arie said that he wasn't as honest with Becca about how conflicted he was over the two of them in Peru and his heartbreak over Lauren never went away. He doesn't want to be "half in" with Becca when his head is somewhere else. Arie said that he won't be half in with Lauren. He said logically he and Becca make more sense, but he can't figure out why he still loves Lauren, but he does. Becca took the ring off and said, "I don't even know what to say right now, oh my God." Becca told him he should have thought about whether he was ready to get engaged and he wasn't. Arie said he feels he's been upfront with his feelings, Becca says that she has been trying to be supportive of him getting over Lauren, but it never happened. Arie revealed that he always thinks about Lauren and that the thought of drifting from her further worries him. Becca said, "This is embarrassing." He said he thought it would be good to do this now and not on "After the Final Rose." Becca told him he shouldn't have gotten down on one knee. Arie told Becca, "I've put a lot of thought behind this." Then we hit a commercial break, but Chris Harrison says there's still a lot more to this.

After the commercial, we returned to the breakup. Becca told Arie that she's done. She got up and walked to another room where she packed up her suitcase and it even seemed like there was a gift for Arie in there. Arie followed her and she told him she's not going to hug him goodbye. Arie said that there's so much to say, but Becca said that it won't change anything so it doesn't matter. Arie asked her if she wanted a few minutes to herself or just wanted him to go and Becca told him to go. Arie walked out the front door, as Becca cried in the bedroom. One camera followed Arie and the other stayed behind in the rental house. We had to listen to Becca cry for an uncomfortably long time, but it was understandable, girl needs a good cry. Arie then walks back in and knocked on the bathroom door where Becca was. She said, "Just leave, what are you still doing here? Just go." Then he sits down on the couch. How awkward. I think Arie feels so guilty, he wants her to yell at him. He wants to be punished or something, or maybe give her the chance to say whatever else she might need to say to have closure. She told him she has nothing to say, she cried for a long time, and then she said again how embarrassing it is. She told him not to touch her, and said that he has nothing else to say, "I'm not the one for you." Chris Harrison said, "We're not done yet," and the crowd laughed! Ouch. Chris Harrison said that after the rest of the breakup, Becca would come out to talk about it.

Arie told Becca he knew it wasn't what she was expecting to happen that day. Becca hid in her shirt and cried a little more. Arie said, "It kills me to see you like this, but I'm so sorry." Becca said, "I feel like my future was ripped away. Like I love you and I want you to be happy. It's not me, but I can't imagine my life without you, oh my God." Arie said he wanted those things for them too, but he can't give them to her if he's in love with someone else. He said, "I'm so sorry we're here right now." Arie told her he wants her to know how he's feeling and he knows it's a lot to take in. Becca said, "Well you finally saw me cry." Then she added, "Just go. Please just go." Arie agreed, but still sat there, and she begged him again to leave because she couldn't look at him there. He finally said, "OK, I'm going to go." But he didn't move for what seemed like an eternity, but he finally got up and walked out the door. Becca sat on the couch crying as Arie got into the waiting black SUV and drove away.

Back to the live show, Becca said, "Brutal." She sat there looking very unhappy, but the crowd gave her a huge round of applause. Becca said again that it was brutal to watch and said it was almost like blacking out when Arie was breaking up with her. She just didn't know what to say in the situation because she was very in love with him. She said she hasn't seen or talked to Arie since that day. She said she's hurt, angry and sad. Becca admitted she cried for four days straight and had to grieve the future she thought they would have. She feels like she was lied to for a long time. Becca said that she has a lot of questions for him, but she doesn't expect to get a true answer. Chris Harrison said that they have another show tomorrow that is live with Arie, Lauren and Becca. So we will see a confrontation between Becca and Arie and then we will learn where Arie and Lauren stand today. Wow, that's a lot to take in "Bachelor Nation!"