EXCLUSIVE: Former Texan Arian Foster speaks out for first time since season-ending injury

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Arian Foster
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Arian Foster speaks on his future in the NFL.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Arian Foster is at a crossroads in his career. There are many unanswered questions for fans of the former Texans running back. What is his next move? Where will he play next? Can he be a pro-bowl caliber player again?

As for that last question, there is no doubt in Foster's mind. The answer: yes.

Arian says he is at peace as he works his way back from the Achilles tear that cut his last season with the Texans 12 games short.

"You know, I've been cut before but I ended up right back here," said Arian Foster. "So, the uncertainty was 24 hours. You are not 100 percent sure where you are going to land, where you are going to live."

The certainty came in getting back into a routine. Arian Foster trains with his brother Abdul at 9 Innovations, twice a day, sometimes for six hours at a time.

"He has been here since jump and he has hired one of the best trainers. I've ever been around Dose Kahn, and he has been over here every morning at 4:30am," Arian said.

"Mentally, spiritually, physically, it's probably the best I have seen him," said Kahn, Foster's trainer.

As for the player's personal image as he shops around for a new team, Foster says he lets people think what they want to think.

"I am not one of those Captain America, 'yes sir, no sir,' kind of cats and a lot of that comes across as arrogance but if anyone has spent any real time with me, they'll say I'm not arrogant," Arian said.

So, is one of the greatest players to ever wear a Texans jersey ready to play football again -- and this time for another franchise? Foster says he could suit-up today if wanted to.

"I probably need another month to get where I am, the person everyone is use to seeing," Arian said. "I can definitely play but I need another month to be where I want to be and be at that pro-bowl lever I can be at."

For Arian's brother Abdul, he says there is even a chance Foster could get back to the Arian of old.

"Probably better in my opinion," added Abdul Foster.