Antique Humble Firehouse in Humble lets kids explore firefighting

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- Inside an antique firehouse in Humble, kids become firefighters.

"Your children can dress up in costume," explained firehouse owner Tom Morrison to a mother and her two daughters.

There are antique firetrucks, toys, and firefighter memorabilia. It's a lifelong collection for Morrison.

"We thought that would be a perfect solution to get our collection out in public and children exposed to the way they used to fight fires," said Morrison.

For the past 10 years, the Morrisons have hosted birthday parties and events at the firehouse.

"Everything here is interactive. Children can come in dressed like firefighters, climb on the fire trucks, ring the bells," expressed Morrison. "Kids can climb on theses real antique fire trucks, while wearing firefighting suits."

"It is very interactive. I was shocked to see the different stations and they can play on everything," said Alexandra Woolsey, who brought her two daughters to the firehouse.

David Ignacio is a Porter firefighter who brought his daughter as well.

"Everything, the equipment is really neat to see her experience this," said Ignacio.

"It's a lot of fun when the children are dressed in their bunker gear and they're up on the trucks, and driving, and ringing the bells. It's a blast," said Morrison.

According to the Morrisons, they are hoping to keep this antique firehouse open for many more years to come.

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