Pizzeria putting flyers of missing pets on pizza boxes

MATAWAN, New Jersey -- A pizzeria is putting flyers of missing pets on pizza boxes in an effort to reunite owners with their animals.

John Sanfratello, the owner of Angelo's Pizza, came up with the idea last week after a cat ran away from its owner during a storm.

At least five pet owners have since asked Sanfratello for his help.

Each box that goes out carries the picture of a missing pet. It started last week when the owner of a cat named Hazel came into the pizzeria wanting help distributing her missing pet posters.

"She said her cat has been missing since November, which was upsetting," said Sanfratello's 15-year-old son Anthony. "But she said she feels that if we put this on our boxes that maybe she can be reunited with her cat."

Since John blasted it on the Facebook page, it's been viewed more than 110,000 times.

"I decided, 'You know what, it is a good idea,'" John said.

In a matter of days, they got two more requests, both for missing dogs, including a puppy that was in training to be a seeing eye dog.

Joe Mason, who works with K-9 officers, is a regular at Angelo's. He said he isn't surprised that the business is doing this.

"Obviously, I have a service dog. I know how valuable they are in the community, whether it's in police work or the civilian world," said Mason. "I can't imagine what it would be like losing him. He's my best friend."

Hazel was eventually found, but the other missing pets are still not home. Angelo's is hoping their small gesture, just to be of service, helps in finding them.
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