Alleged acid attack on 'Gizmo' the service dog now under Harris Co. Sheriff's Office investigation

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the wake of an alleged acid attack that scarred and blinded a service dog, the Harris County Sheriff's Office has opened a criminal investigation into what happened.

Eyewitness News learned on Thursday the agency launched an animal cruelty investigation after a canine named Gizmo was attacked last month.

Mandy Garner, Gizmo's owner, shared her story on Facebook, posting heartbreaking photos of the dog with severe scars and injuries.

The images were so graphic, we had to blur the photos before publishing them in this article.

"[It's] very devastating," said Garner. "I don't see how anyone can hurt an animal. It takes a sick person to do it."

While the investigation is underway, Garner said she has an idea of who might have done this

Garner said last month, she let Gizmo out to play. When he ran back inside, she said he was shaking and appeared to be in a lot of pain. A veterinarian later told Garner that Gizmo had suffered third- and fourth-degree burns.

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"[The vet] got with a pest control officer. They said it was a large amount of chemical," Garner explained. "He said they intentionally did it."

"I am worried this can happen again ... very worried," she said.

The worried pet owner said Gizmo's life will never be the same. He's now blind and scarred for life. The dog was also due to undergo surgery on Friday to have one of his eyes removed.

"Now, I will be his service mama," said Garner.

Anyone with information is urged to contact local law enforcement.

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