ABC13's virtual job fair helps you find work and learn about apprenticeships

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Friday, November 13, 2020
Explore apprenticeships that train without college costs
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To honor National Apprenticeship Week, ABC13's virtual job fair highlights apprenticeship program that can help you land a job quickly!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This week is National Apprenticeship Week and ABC13 hosted a virtual job fair to educate people on those programs, and offered a way for people to get a job quickly.

On Thursday, ABC13 partnered with Workforce Solutions to host a virtual job fair. It featured nearly 450 positions with many employers looking to hire quickly.

During the 30-minute event, ABC13's Nick Natario explained how to apply.

Some of the industries in Thursday's job fair included jobs in HVAC, restaurants, and manufacturing. To get a list of the positions, visit the Workforce Solutions website.

ABC13 and Workforce Solutions also concentrated on apprenticeships. This year is the sixth annual National Apprenticeship Week.

The programs offer people a way to avoid high tuition costs and make money while learning a new career, which can pay on average of up to $70,000 upon graduation. There are a variety of apprenticeship positions, including some in the construction, IT and various medical fields.

One of the programs is at the Houston Gulf Coast Building and Construction Trades Council.

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