Meet the man behind the Crosby Star Courier!

CROSBY, Texas (KTRK) -- Here at Eyewitness News, we believe in the value of local news. So, it's nice to meet others who do, too!

"I also think a good newspaper, which I think we do, gives a community a sense of being, of identity," explained Gilbert Hoffman, who bought the Crosby Star Courier in 1994.

Hoffman's paper has only local content.

Over the years, he expanded the paper.

Hoffman and five other reporters now cover many of Houston's surrounding communities, like Aldine, Dayton and Channelview.

"Not having been in the newspaper business, I said to myself, 'Maybe there won't be enough news to print. Maybe I should worry about this,'" said Hoffman. "There's always something. It's incredible. Now we have five newspapers and we fill them up every day."

For more on the Crosby Star Courier, visit their website here.

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