Air Force Thunderbirds pay visit to Las Vegas hospital with a show

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Monday, April 13, 2020
ABC13's The Midday
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Some good news! Check out what some people across the US are doing to lift people's spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, some people are looking to spread some good cheer during this time.

Take a look at what some people around the U.S. are doing.

The Air Force's Thunderbirds, who are based at Nellis Air Force Base, performed a flyover around Las Vegas, putting on a show for hospitals treating virus patients, as well as soaring along side the famed Las Vegas Strip.

Meanwhile in New York, a hospital is taking a musical approach as it sent recovered coronavirus patients home.

The staff at New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital cheered and sand Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" every time a coronavirus patient was discharged from the hospital.

TSA employees at Dulles International Airport in Virginia opened a food bank in hopes of helping workers in the airport community who are either out of work or working less hours.

Employees are now stocked with fruits, vegetables, canned and dried goods and some toiletry items. They said they received help while they were working without a paycheck during last year's federal government shutdown and wanted to return that generosity.

Christian Pearson, a musician from Oklahoma City, is also trying to entertain people with music.

He uses his daily walks to entertain neighbors who are dealing with stay-at-home orders. Pearson, a professional piano player, is honest about his limited ability on the trombone, but he said each day he finds a few new things to play.

Pearson said the reaction from his neighbors has been positive.

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