Humble woman, 86, falls victim to 'jugging' as crimes increase

HUMBLE, TX (KTRK) -- An 86-year-old woman from Humble doesn't know what the term jugging means but she knows she was a victim of it.

Last week, Iva Cross was robbed in the driveway of her home. Humble police believe she was followed from the time she went to get cash from the bank to the moment she arrived home.

"He put a gun against my face "she said. "A big cold black metal gun."

Ms. Cross says in all her years she has never before been a victim of crime.

Surveillance video taken from a store parking lot shows a Nissan Murano parking next to her SUV. It then follows her as she leaves the parking lot.

Jugging is becoming increasingly common in Humble, as it is in other cities. What bothers Detective Eric Squire most is that this victim may have been targeted because of her age and her inability to fight back.

Ms. Cross says she did scream at the top of her lungs. She was not physically injured but her sense of security has been damaged.

Detective Squire, though, is working hard on breaking this case. "I have a grandmother and I wouldn't want this to happen to her," he says.

Ms. Cross' grandsons have installed a security system at the home where she and her husband have lived for nearly four decades.
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