88-year-old shoots gun on bus, falls down stairs

SEATTLE, Washington (KTRK) -- An 88-year-old Seattle man was hurt after reportedly firing a gun on a public bus, and then falling down the bus stairwell.

Investigators say a 51-year-old man violently pushed an 88-year-old trying to get on the bus.

According to police, that's when the 88-year-old man pulled out a gun and shot the other man, but then the shooter fell down the bus stairs and hit his head.

"The guy that shot the guy fell down on the ground. He had the gun inside his coat and I said, 'Set the gun on the ground the police are on their way. They'll kill you if they see that gun,' so he set the gun on the ground and I kicked it over a couple of feet," said witness James Clifton.

The 20 passengers on board took cover and crawled to safety.

KOMO reports both men are expected to survive.

Seattle police say they recovered a weapon, but have not been able to talk to the two men because both are still at the hospital.

They are reviewing video from inside the bus as they work to decide who, if anyone, to take into custody.
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