HPD gains support from African American law enforcement for denouncing police actions in Minneapolis

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Members of Houston's African American law enforcement community expressed anger and grief for the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis earlier this week.

"Why witnesses stood helplessly, pleading with those officers to stop and check on his well being. That's the part that is the most hard," said DeAndre' Hutchison, president of the African American Police Officers' League in Houston. "This is becoming an all-too familiar narrative in our community. George Floyd was not treated like a human being, and our community deserves better."

A video shows Floyd having complied with police orders. An officer placed his knee on Floyd's neck as he laid handcuffed on the pavement. He can be heard in the video begging the officer to let him breathe. Floyd died minutes later. He had grown up in Houston, and recently moved to Minneapolis.

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Hutchison applauded HPD Chief Art Acevedo for denouncing the police actions in Minneapolis. Acevedo stressed that HPD has a "no neck" policy in restraining someone being taken into custody.

"We're challenging our officers to follow policy," Hutchison said. "Only use the necessary force to effect an arrest. And when you see someone using excessive force, speak up and say something. The world is watching and the expectation is that any officer that stands by and allows this, is just as guilty."

HPD Officer Eric Carr was recently appointed the department's African American community liaison.

"We used to talk about police when we were kids. But if you want change, be part of the change," said Carr. "Let this motivate you, to be a police officer, a prosecutor, a parole officer, and change things from the inside. If you're looking for a job, consider making a real change for your community."

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