Guatemalan man killed in front of son in SW Houston robbery shooting

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For eight years, 61-year-old Andres Chan lived a quiet life in southwest Houston.

He worked at a pizza shop near his apartment, where he lived with his two sons. They sent money back to Guatemala, where Chan's wife and daughters live.

On Jan. 11, Chan and his son, Juan, were walking to a grocery store in the middle of the day, never expecting it would be their final minutes together.

Surveillance video shows the pair walking on Fairdale Street. A older model, light-colored Corolla passes them, circles back, and two men get out.

"It appears to have been a crime of opportunity, and the suspects had no regard for the victims, or the people and families also walking in the area," said HPD homicide detective Corey Arrington.

Two suspects confronted Chan and his son, who was robbed first.

"Then, they turned their attention on Mr. Chan," said Arrington. "They demanded his wallet and he begged them not to take it. It had his ID."

When he resisted, police said Andres was shot at point blank range in the head. He died in front of his son.

Thursday, an appeal was made for anyone who knows who the man in the police composite sketch is to come forward. There's also a Crime Stoppers reward for information.

The shooter is described as a Hispanic male in his late teens or early 20s. He was wearing a red hoodie, and his accomplice was wearing a dark colored hoodie.

There was no description of the driver, but all three could be charged with capital murder if caught.

"He wanted to come to this country for a better life," said his son, Juan. "I miss how humble he was and how he would help his family and others. I just want justice to be done."

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