Selfie sticks put to the test

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Selfies are a recent phenomenon and have come a long way in the last year. Now, selfie sticks are all the rage, taking selfies to the next level.

While they may seem silly, many people say they're the way to go when traveling in order to get the group shot with a scenic background instead of an arm in the shot.

Walmart Selfie Stick Pro

ABC-13 reporter Steve Campion has been actively using his gadget when covering stories and in his personal life.

"I think it's better when you are somewhere scenic with a group and get that photo that you can't necessarily get if you hold up your hand out there. So that one and two feet you get so you can get that angle you want to get," Campion said.

He bought his selfie stick at Walmart for $20. We test drove the gadget with an iPhone 6, and gave it a thumbs up for the quality and ease of use.

"It even comes with a blue tooth remote that you click and take a photo," Campion said.


On Amazon, there are selfie stick options for as little as $6, but make sure you do your homework. Many of the cheaper versions didn't come with favorable reviews. We found one that did not come with a remote and was only good for the iPhone 5 and certain Samsung phones.

Five Below

Five Below advertised a selfie stick for just $5. It was such a great deal that they sold out!

iKan Fly-X3

One of the priciest gadgets we tested is not considered a selfie stick. At $300, the iKan Fly-X3 can turn your smartphone into a powerful tool. It will shoot fluid, smooth professional video and eliminate shaky camera moves.

"When you put your iPhone or your GoPro installed onto it, and your turn you battery on, it's going to give you a nice steady shot no matter what you are doing," said Cary Gordon with Microsearch video service.

We used the Fly-X3 and a more affordable selfie stick to record a video at the same time. The quality of the videos are completely different. If you're looking to capture special memories, it may be worth spending the $300 on the Fly-X3.

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