Cool Spaces: A new way to dine for Houston shoppers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Although many shoppers consider Saks Fifth Avenue to be an excellent source of elegant and chic attire, the department store now offers 51Fifteen, the latest and coolest place to dine within the Houston area. This newest addition to the Galleria allures its diners with a stunning use of colors and interior design. As Nina Magon, the president and CEO of Contour Interior Designs, states, "It's a modern design, yet it has classic elements." With beautiful brass highlights, the white and black contrast throughout the restaurant pulls shoppers into the store for a delicious and satisfying meal.

When a shopper first enters the restaurant, a captivating brass gate greets them, introducing a new atmosphere of modern elegance and grace. As they enter, the shopper cannot help but to look to see a meadow of grayscale tulip light fixtures growing across the ceiling and guiding the shopper further into the restaurant. To their left, a gorgeous black and white flower expands upon the back wall. With its fine detail, its presence attracts shoppers even further to explore this new dining experience.

51Fifteen hopes to attract all diners to enjoy a meal infused with a feeling of modern antiquity. Their lounge and bar sport brass embellishments within the stark black-and-white contrasts. Specifically, the brass bar reflects the lighting behind it while also providing a new and creative way to showcase its stock. Meanwhile, their private dining rooms continue this charm, while also seating anywhere between sixty to a hundred diners, by further displaying the gorgeous color combination throughout the room. As Nina Magon enthusiastically says, "There is nothing like this in Houston right now."

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