Girl, 10, with generous spirit starts her own charity group

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- This week we will have some of the coldest nights outside. So one 10-year-old from Humble told her mom she had an idea.

Ashley Miller filled two cars full of food blankets and clothes.

We followed Ashley as she walked through the streets of downtown Houston. She's helping people who don't have a warm bed to sleep in or something to eat.

We met George, a man who lives on the streets. "I ate yesterday," he said. "I am grateful for this."

Ashley formed the Littlest Helpers last year. Every month, she picks someone in need to give.

Ashley's mother Robbi Cole said, "Ashley came to me one day and told me God told her she needed to help our community. When a mom hears that, you don't say no to that."

With friends, Ashley collected donations and even paid for some of the items herself.

Ashley said, "It feels really good. It makes you really think."

It took only 10 minutes for two cars of donations to be given away. There's that much need. The Coalition for the Homeless says close to 6,300 people a night don't have anywhere to sleep in the Houston area. It's tough for anyone not to get emotional.

Asked where she got her idea to help, Ashley said, "I have seen it on the news and there are so many homeless people and I just really enjoy helping them."
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