Sightings of monkey in South Houston pour in

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The search for an elusive monkey that scratched a 16-year-old girl Tuesday is now in its fourth day, without result.

The monkey remains out of sight, if it still remains in the City of South Houston . Earlier this week, Mariah Schesling said it jumped into the truck she and her grandfather were in, near the intersection of Iowa and Austin Streets. She had rolled down the window to take a picture when she said the primate jumped in, scratching her. Her grandfather "punched it on the face," and knocked it out of the truck.

Mariah had scratches on her arm and head, and was prescribed antibiotics to prevent any infection.

An hour earlier, Bryan Beach was driving to work when he saw the monkey sitting atop a parked car in the same area. "He was jumping up and down on the car and screeching," Beach said. "He was having a field day with that car and he was angry."

Beach took a series of photos, but was cautious. "I kept my window up," he said.

South Houston Animal Control and police have been on the lookout for the creature since then. "We don't know where the monkey is located," said chief animal control officer Ruben Rosales. We don't know if it's gone home or the owner went ahead and got it out of the city because of all the social media. We don't know where the monkey's located at this time."

That worries some people in this small city. "I'm very concerned," said Julia Standish. "I told my sister who always goes outside the morning, that 100%, it would have gotten one of your dogs. If someone has a monkey, they ought to control it."

Another man, who works nearby said he would welcome a monkey crossing his path. "I'd take it," he laughed, "and I'd name it Milo."

The state regulations on exotic animals restrict private ownership of some animals, but the rules on monkeys are not specific. It's unclear if private owners are required to have permits on some breeds of monkeys. The City of South Houston has ordinances that address livestock within the city limits. Primates would not be covered by that.

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