13-year-old singer hopes to follow in Beyoncé's footsteps

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- For 13-year-old Ameerah Jackson, her gift of song is all about uplifting others.

"I feel it's all about inspiring," said Ameerah. "I just want to make people smile on their bad days."

Her father, Edward Jackson, said Ameerah was 3-years-old when the family bought a piano.

"She was beating on it from the start," he recalled. "She wanted to play on it."

Before Ameerah turned 10, she started writing her own songs.

But it didn't come easy. She met with a vocal coach and a music producer to help elevate her to the next level.

"Talent is good, but hard works gets talent pushed to the front," said Jackson.

While singing and songwriting are her passions, maintaining good grades is a top priority. Although sustaining the balance between the two has its challenges, Ameerah's parents believe it makes her well-rounded.

"I definitely want her to follow her dream, do her best," explained Jackson. "But, also want her to stick with it and try to find a balance."

Last year, Ameerah released her first single, titled "Superman", and later released a second song, titled "Masquerade." She's currently working on releasing her next single, titled "They Go La."

Despite her young age, Ameerah has accomplished a lot and hopes to achieve much more. Her plans are to graduate from high school, go to college and hopefully follow in the footsteps of those who inspire her.

"I know Beyoncé and Alicia Keys both have perseverance and work very hard on their craft. I work hard on my craft as well," said Ameerah. "Hopefully I'll be as good as them one day because that would just be super cool."

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