Burglary suspect arrested, thanks to brave neighbors

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Armed and alert neighbors stopped a would-be burglar and then held him until police arrived.

"We just didn't want him to get away," said Ida McGregor, a 78-year-old grandmother who put her determination on display Wednesday afternoon. "I said the suspect is still in the house and I want him out and I want him in handcuffs."

That's how McGregor's 9-1-1 call went when she learned her next-door neighbor's house on West Troy in Acres Homes was being burglarized.

Roland Azcuy, who owns a business across the street, first heard the sound of glass breaking. He called Houston police, too, and the two neighbors stood guard on the driveway.

"He's not going to get out of the house if I can help it," explained Azcuy.

Azcuy had his gun. McGregor had her own weapon, too.

"If he come out that door I was going to beat him across his legs and across his knees with my walking cane," McGregor said as she waved her cane.

The would-be burglar never felt it. Instead, he surrendered to police. He had lined up appliances and a new pair of boots at the back door, hoping to steal them.

Sick of their homes being targets, Azcuy and McGregor weren't going to let him get away.

"We watch out for each other," said McGregor, who has lived on the street since 1973.

"Nobody wants to work anymore. I've got a business. I've got to protect it. They protect me and I protect them," Azcuy said.

Police have not identified the accused burglar.
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