COOL SPACES: Sky High Sports Trampoline Park

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This jumping theme park lines its walls with trampolines where anyone can bounce, flip, and spin. (KTRK)

If the sky is the limit, prepare to soar past it at Sky High Sports! This jumping theme park lines its walls with trampolines where anyone can bounce, flip, and spin. With five different areas, Sky High Sports offers fun exercise for the whole family!

The main court features dozens of trampolines lining the floor and walls where jumpers can do all sorts of aerial tricks. There's enough space for everyone to run around, and kids will relish the opportunity to literally bounce off the walls with excitement. In addition, if kids want to improve their flips, Sky High features a foam pit where jumpers can bounce as intensely as they want before landing in foam. With this court, kids have the opportunity to practice new skills without risking getting hurt.

Be aware, trampoline parks are currently not regulated by the federal or state government.
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The basketball court also allows jumpers to feel like NBA superstars! Using the trampolines, basketball players can reach new heights and experience basketball like a professional player! In addition, jumpers can compete in the timed obstacle course. In this course, jumpers press a button, race across a foam pit, climb across ladders, and jump their way to the end before pressing another button to record their time. This experience gives kids a chance to challenge one another in great, fun way!
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However, the most popular court of all stands as the dodgeball court. Here, jumpers can face-off with one another, ten players versus ten players, and take dodgeball to an entirely new level. With trampolines, players reduce the chances of injury and can use their new jumping skills to win the game!

The indoor thrill park is the only one of its kind in the state of Texas. For more information click here.
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