Wendy's will give you unlimited "free" Frostys next year for just $2

Good news for lovers of Wendy's Frostys: Next year, you'll be able to get your favorite frozen treat for free, for a one-time payment of just $2.

Here's how it works. You first have to purchase a Frosty key tag from your local Wendy's location. That one time purchase will set you back $2. Then, every time you make a Wendy's purchase in 2017, just show your key tag and you'll get a free Jr. Frosty with your order.

The chain says the tags are available at most Wendy's locations.

The Columbus, Ohio based chain says 90 percent of the proceeds from the $2 Frosty promotion will be donated to the Dave Thomas Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit charity to help find forever homes for children in foster care.

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