High water? No problem! Construction worker unclogs flooded drain along Hwy 288

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As heavy rain slowed down drivers Wednesday morning in Houston, one construction worker got into the water to help ease the headache.

ABC13 captured the man clearing the drain at Highway 288 and Southmore.

The man is part of the construction team working on the massive 288 project.

Five to 10 minutes after he cleared out the clogged drain, the water was gone.

Among the things the worker pulled out of the drain was a car part that appeared to be left over from a crash in that area that made its way down to the drain in the flooding.

This is the second time in a matter of months we've seen a worker get down in knee-deep water to unclog the drains, especially along Highway 288.

Last October, a man wearing a bright neon vest and a hard hat used a shovel to clear the debris near the northbound lanes heading toward downtown.

We don't know if he was a public works employee or someone who just dived in to help out, but either way, drivers were thankful.

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ABC13's Deborah Wrigley captured a "highway hero" who worked alone to unclog a drain that caused Highway 288 to flood.

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