Flooding becoming a problem in Galveston County

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- Conditions have worsened over the past several hours on Galveston Island.

Street flooding is a problem in Bayou Vista, where some streets are impassable and residents are stranded in their homes. And as ABC-13 Reporter Deborah Wrigley found out, the flooding is bad enough that if you drop your phone in the water, it'll die.

Traffic is not being allowed on Highway 87 due to debris on the roadway. TxDOT has shut down the road until they can remove the debris off the road.

The Bolivar Ferry won't be heading to Gilchrist anymore today due to high tide.

In other parts of the county, the conditions aren't much better.

Reporter Steve Campion says rain has been heavy at times, and the surf in the water is very choppy.

There are still people out and about on the island, and Galveston Police say they are keeping a close eye on the roads for any possible flooding problems.
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