How the fastest-growing dealership in Houston makes car buying easy

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. In an effort to keep as many people as safe from coronavirus as possible, companies and businesses have had to shift the way they do business. For many businesses, this has included long wait times, inventory issues, and hassle.

Volkswagen Cypress has focused on ways they can make car buying easier on customers throughout this pandemic. Their focus on an easier car buying process has paid off. Volkswagen Cypress is up 43% year over year, showing how customers are responding positively to their changes. Here are 5 ways Volkswagen Cypress has made car buying easier this year:

Huge Incentives and Specials

Throughout 2020 Volkswagen Cypress has offered unbeatable pricing on their new and used cars. This month is no exception, as Volkswagen Cypress continues to offer 0%. APR on all new cars for up to 6 years! Plus they are offering Sign Then Drive so lease customers can get a new car for $0 down, $0 security deposit, and $0 first month's payment. Purchase customers can get up to $7000 off the remaining 2020s during YearEnd Clearance.

"Our offers have been a big part of our success this year," says Alex Garcia, General Sales Manager at Volkswagen Cypress. "Our customers take advantage of 0% for 6 years or huge clearance savings and then tell their friends and family about them. Many have even bought two cars at once!" By being transparent about their offers and specials, Volkswagen Cypress allows customers to take advantage of these programs as easy and seamless as possible. These special programs change every month and with the end of the year, these programs will change after the end of December. View these offers here.

Online or Over the Phone Payment Quotes

"Many of our customers work from home now," says Garcia. "They're not spending as much time commuting so they have time to thoroughly calculate their payments on our website." Volkswagen Cypress offers penny-perfect payment quotes on lease, purchase, and cash options for each new and used car on their website. By allowing customers to basically structure their own car deals if they wish, Volkswagen Cypress puts the control in their hands, plus decreases the amount of time a customer will spend in the dealership. "Our customers are busy, so they love that we offer online trade offers, virtual walkarounds, and secure financing approval online," says Garcia. "Many of our customers do most of the paperwork at home. It's perfect for customers who already know what they want and makes buying a car extremely fast and easy for them."

Home Delivery

Another reason for Volkswagen Cypress's success in 2020 is their willingness to adapt and change with the times. This dealership makes it easy for customers to get the vehicle they need safely and efficiently. "We went from never doing home delivery to doing 5-10 a week!" says Garcia. "We stand out among other dealerships because we will work the majority of a deal over the phone or via our website, and then deliver the car to the customer's home if they wish." Volkswagen Cypress has enhanced their sanitization and cleaning throughout the year, spacing chairs and tables out throughout their store to allow for social distancing, as well as mask-wearing in accordance to local guidelines. So buying a car at Volkswagen Cypress is cleaner and safer than ever. However, many customers are quarantined or at-risk, so they are taking even more precautions. For these more immunocompromised, home delivery at Volkswagen Cypress is a great option.

Used Car Trade Values

The used car market has been strong this year, and Volkswagen Cypress is no exception. Customers can receive trade-in values online as well as over the phone and in person, making trading in your car for a newer one easier than ever. Volkswagen Cypress also can offer to buy used cars with no trade-in necessary. "Now is a great time to trade in because just a month from now the chronological age of a customer's vehicle, which depreciates its trade value," says Garcia. "While we can buy a car without a trade-in, most of our customers do trade in their vehicle because our trade offers are really aggressive."

Tax Credits

The end of the year is well-known to be a fantastic time to buy a new or used car. Volkswagen Cypress has made it even easier with tax credits for lease buyers this year. Leasing during Sign Then Drive at Volkswagen Cypress allows customers to only pay tax on the portion they are leasing, rather than the entire amount of the car, which makes leasing a very affordable option. "Another tax credit our customers are taking advantage of is trade value. We offer huge trade values for their current car when they upgrade to a newer one at Volkswagen Cypress," says Garcia. "This allows them to take a huge tax credit on that trade-in, making their new car even more affordable."

Get to Volkswagen Cypress before the end of 2020 to take advantage of their incredible programs. Visit vwcypress.com for details. *Based on 2020 Volkswagen Retail Reports regarding the CER zone and Houston, Texas