Video shows security guard dumping man out of his wheelchair

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's a video that's grabbing a lot of attention. A security guard is seen aggressively pushing a man in a wheelchair in a parking lot.

Then the man falls out of the wheelchair. The man who shot the video was shocked and said it looked unnecessary, but the security guard says the video only shows part of the story.

The video was shot by Junior Mosqueda on Friday morning. Mosqueda says he couldn't believe what he saw as he was sitting in the parking lot of a Crosstimbers shopping center.

A security guard escorted the man off the property once, and then again a second time. The second time, Mosqueda recorded.

In the video, you see a man in a wheelchair moving himself through the parking lot.

The security guard, Baron Murphy, is right behind the man in the wheelchair. Then you see Murphy grab the wheelchair, push it, and the man falls out.

To Mosqueda it looked like Murphy dumped the man out of the chair, but Murphy says it's not as it seems.

"People record pieces of the story and they don't know the whole story," Murphy told ABC13.

Murphy says he's been in the business for 12 years and says the man in the wheelchair isn't allowed on the property because six weeks ago he was caught exposing himself.

"The guy was doing something inappropriate in front of a woman and her daughter as they were going into the bar-be-que place, so we've asked them several times this last year to stay off the property. Don't come back," said Murphy.

So when Murphy saw him on Friday, he told the man to leave.

He says he escorted the man off the property only for him to return moments later.

"He started calling me names, this and that and I said, 'Look man, I just need you off the property'," said Murphy.

Murphy says when the man wouldn't comply he pushed his wheelchair. As for this part about him falling out of the chair, Murphy says because the man was resisting, it caused the chair to topple.

"He's pushing me to stop him, from getting off the property," said Murphy.

When ABC13 reporter Marla Carter asked if he was trying to dump the man, he insisted he was not.

"No that's the way gravity took it," Murphy said.

Murphy says the man is homeless and he's called the police on the man before but did not call them on Friday.
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