Father's illness inspires twins to become doctors

Saturday, July 1, 2017
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Twin doctors have made it their life's mission to save fathers in and around the Houston area.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Twin doctors have made it their life's mission to save fathers in and around the Houston area.

Arash and Kourosh Keyhani are both vascular and endovasular surgeon's at Memorial Hermann. They said their patients are usually in danger of losing their limbs.

"They're basically to the point where someone has told them they need or are needing of an amputation, or close to getting an amputation," said Dr. Arash Keyhani at Memorial Hermann.

To appreciate what they do, you have to know the tragedy that inspired them to become the leading vascular surgeons in Houston. It all started with their father.

"Growing up my dad was influential," said Dr. Arah Keyhani. "He made us strive for more."

Their father was an immigrant from Iran; he was a family man, and a hard working engineer. He was a man who's health was on a decline.

"We had no idea why he was getting sick," said Dr. Kourosh Keyhani. "He had a heart attack. He also had a severe vascular issues to his legs."

The Keyhani twins saw their father fading away. They told him they wanted to both become doctors, hoping they could save him and others too. But soon after, a double amputation, the family patriarch died, just as the twins started the residencies.

"Unfortunately what he went through was very difficult, but knowing that we as his kids decided to take this calling and be out there and helping people with the same issues and making them understand what the problem is and trying to hopefully fix it, he was proud of that," said Dr. Kourosh Kayhani.

The twin doctors now lead Memorial Hermann's amputation and prevention center. So far, they've spared many kids from losing their own father's like they did.

"It's very admirable and very heroic," said Dr. Kourosh Keyhani's wife Diana. "To have a good dad is to have a good role model. And it really gives kids a sense of security and love and affection. I really think it shapes the rest of their lives."

Dr. Kourosh Keyhani, now a father in his own right, and a husband. His mission has now come full circle. His own son, Aiden,5, is learning his own life lessons from his hero. And for that, the Keyhani twins are well deserving of a Foti High Five.

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