5 FREE apps you need to travel abroad

Want to see the world? There are apps for that.

Landing in a new country where you may not know where to go, how to contact your loved ones, how far your money will go or even the language can be confusing and scary. Luckily, these five free apps are available for download.

  1. Maps.Me

  2. How did we ever get around before Google Maps? This is question you'll find yourself asking when you find yourself without Wi-Fi or data in a foreign county.

    Maps.Me downloads the maps of the region you're in automatically and will continue to guide you and give you your location, even when you don't have service.

  3. Google Translate

  4. While many people in other countries speak English, not everyone will. Learning a few phrases beforehand can be helpful, but it won't get your cab driver to know the location of your hotel.

    Type what you want to say into Google Translate and choose the language you want it translated to. This may not work offline so it's best to use the app while you still have Wi-Fi and screenshot the result.

  5. What's App

  6. Some countries have blocked the apps we usually use to communicate. For example in China, you won't be able to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media apps.

    What's App works everywhere and allows you to text, call and video chat your loved ones.

  7. Currency Converter

  8. If you're in a restaurant in Thailand and see your meal costs 500 baht, don't panic! That's only about $14. This convertor comes in handy whenever you're exchanging or spending money.

  9. Kayak

  10. Kayak provides a fast comparison of hundreds of travel sites on your tablet or smartphone. Some of the features include comparing flight, hotel and car rental deals; booking your accommodation; tracking flight status; managing itineraries and accessing airline numbers and airport info.

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