'The Bachelor' couple Sean Lowe, Catherine Lowe stop in Houston to meet fans

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Friday, October 23, 2015

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- One of your favorite reality show couples stopped in Houston Friday. We caught up with The Bachelor's Sean and Catherine Lowe at The Galleria to talk about life after the cameras and the little secrets fans don't know.

On The Bachelorette, he put his heart on the line and had it broken. Sean Lowe didn't make it to the alter in Season Eight of The Bachelorette. But he became "The Bachelor" in Season 17, falling in love with a girl he barely knew.

"There was a lot of learning that had to take place after we were engaged, which sounds really ridiculous," Sean said.

"Some people don't know that when you're engaged... you don't even have this person's phone number. So you have to exchange phone numbers after you have a ring on your finger," Catherine said.

Sean and Catherine have been married for almost two years now, longer than most reality couples make it.

"We're going to stick together and work it out no matter what. That's kind of been our mantra," Sean said. "We don't take ourselves too seriously. We know we're not Brad and Angelina and going to move to Hollywood."

Instead, they live in Dallas, where Sean works in real estate, and Catherine works on a fashion collection and stationery line.

On Friday, they met fans in Houston at Origin's New interactive concept store. It's a brand Catherine backs because she's always been a natural beauty, even on the show.

"If Sean was going to know me and fall in love with me, I wanted him to fall in love with me for real. I didn't wear a ton of makeup, I didn't get dressed up all the time because that's not me normally," she said.

And "normal" is what's most important to them in life.

"Our favorite thing in the world is just hanging out, vegging out, maybe ordering a pizza, watching movies on Netflix, being very normal," Sean said.