Texas artist displays sea of flags to honor COVID-19 victims

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- A Texas artist created a showcase of flags in his yard to honor all those who died after during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shane Reilly from Austin said he continues to add additional red and white flags to the display he started back in May. Each flag represents one Texan who has died from COVID-19 since the outbreak began.

Reilly told the New York Times that he started paying close attention to the coronavirus pandemic early on, as his son is immunocompromised.

"We live on a corner, so I see people walking by every day and I would notice that they just weren't wearing masks," he said, "And I thought, something's not hitting home with them. These are real people dying, real Texans dying, and I've got a kid in quarantine here at home and people are acting like this is almost a vacation."

In the midst of the display stands a sign that reads, "Texans lost to COVID-19" with a number painted below in red.

Reilly said he spray paints the current number of flags on his lawn as the death toll continues to rise.
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