Teens arrested after being linked to fast food crime spree in north Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Three teens who were linked to four restaurant robberies Thursday morning and ordered breakfast in the middle of their crime spree have been arrested. Authorities say the oldest suspect is 15.

"They got a number 17 and a monster biscuit," said the assistant manager of the Carl's Jr. on the corner of Ella Boulevard and 610 West.

That was the third restaurant robbed.

"They came behind the counter as soon as nobody was looking and ripped it out," she said, pointing to the bent and broken black cash drawer.

The assistant manager said the teens didn't have a gun or threaten any workers. After ordering food, she said two started walking towards the door and the third abruptly reached around the counter and yanked the register drawer.

An officer recovered the drawer outside the restaurant. The assistant manager said less than $100 in cash was stolen.

Police say the teens drove away in a black Chevy Equinox.

The next stop was a Jack-in-the-Box three miles east. The robbers pulled two register drawers from the front counter, leaving computers and paper receipt rolls dangling. Workers there were a bit more shaken up.

Investigators believe the teens started their morning around 7:20 a.m., robbing the McDonald's on Washington Avenue at the Katy Freeway, then went across the street to rob the Denny's. Authorities also said the suspects tried to rob a Shipley's on Yale, but walked out.

Police were able to pull surveillance video of the robbers from at least two of the restaurants.

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