Teen blames e-cigarette for blindness in left eye

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Friday, April 15, 2016
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A teenager may have permanent damage as a result of an e-cigarette explosion at a New York mall kiosk

NEW YORK (KTRK) -- A New York teenager is blind in one eye after he says an e-cigarette exploded while he was using it at mall kiosk.

Leor Domatov, 14, says he can't see anything through his left eye because his cornea was cut in the vaping incident.

It happened at a mall in Brooklyn. It's unclear why he was allowed to test out one of the devices because he is a minor.

Leor suffered serious and possible permanent injuries to his hands and eyes.

Leor told local station KPIX, "The guy was showing me different products of the vaporizers. While he was showing me, he connected one of the vaporizers to the battery of the store. He gave it to me to hold and when I was holding it, it exploded in my hands and my face."

Leor, KPIX reports, was with his friends, and not his parents, when he went to the vaping kiosk.

Both local and state laws say it's illegal to sell those products to minors.

Leor's father has since hired an attorney to take on the case.

KPIX reached out to the mall's management and the vaping kiosk. Watch the full report above for their responses.

In the meantime, Leor has a long road of recovery ahead.