Man found dead from apparent suicide after 4-vehicle accident in north Harris County

Monday, February 26, 2018
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Man found dead in four-vehicle accident.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A four-car collision Sunday afternoon in north Harris County ended in the death of one driver and deputies say it was by his own hand.

According to others involved in the chain reaction crash, a car turned in front of moving traffic on Louetta Road. One car at a stop sign was struck and two other vehicles in oncoming traffic collided.

What happened next, no one could have predicted.

"He got out, and walked over to a couple of cars," said HCSO Deputy Thomas Gilliland, referring to the driver who caused the crashes. "He was speaking to people, went back to his vehicle, and walked around the car. He got back into the car and indications are now that he shot himself inside the vehicle."

The unidentified man was found dead inside the car by officers who responded to the call.

Ryaan Boyd's car was totaled.

"Prayers for the family," he said. "But the fact is we were able to make it out, while he made the decision and damaged four cars just like that."

He said the man drove his car a few more feet down the street.

"We never saw him again after that."

Gilliland said he had never before seen a case of this kind before.

"Something apparently triggered him to do what he did other than a car accident," he said.

Investigators will go to the man's home and examine what may have been going on in his life to trigger his suicide.

They will also investigate whether the collision was intentional or an accident.