Texans debut new menu items and enhanced fan experiences at NRG

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Getting excited for the upcoming football season? Well the Houston Texans are making the fan experience even better.

The team unveiled several new menu items and features that will enhance the fan experience inside and outside NRG Stadium at the What's New at NRG event.

Let's start with some of the food.

The Texans and Aramark announced new general concession items including the Brunchin' Chicken Biscuit. It's hand-battered, corn flakes crusted chicken breast topped with creamy, white gravy served open faced on a homemade jalapeno chive and cheddar cheese infused buttermilk biscuit.

Well-known chef Ronnie Killen is bringing his food back to NRG expanding some of his dishes to the general concessions, including his white queso brisket dip and brisket and pulled pork tacos.

Some new items on the club level include Underbelly chef Chris Shepherd's fried sausage and cheese kolache. Need we say more? It will be served on top of his tater tot casserole.

"It's not just cosmetic. It's also things that will elevate the quality and the speed of service for our fans," Texans president Jamey Rootes said.

And how about a build your own queso bar? Fans will get an opportunity to choose a meat and assorted toppings.

Another new food feature is the cookies and creamery. It's part of the club level where you can enjoy warm, fresh baked cookies and ice cream.

For the young fans, the Chevron Kids Corner located outside NRG Stadium will feature interactive kid-focused activities and games. It will have a Chevron STEM Zone where kids can learn about science, technology, engineering and math and how it's all connected to everyday life and football.

If you need to add to your Texans collection, NRG has improved its team shop. They've updated their 12 full-size stores and all the kiosks, pop-stores and trailers.

The remodel to the stores included improvements to presentation like new wallpaper, wall paint, flooring, fixtures and more than 385 pieces of new signage.

"Our fans' expectations are rising and we have to keep ahead of the curve," Rootes said. "We look for the best ideas each year that we can implement here at NRG Stadium, try to elevate it to the delight of our fans. Because we have the best fans in the NFL and they deserve a world class experience."

To learn more about what's new at NRG, visit houstontexans.com.

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