What it's like being a Houston Texans fan living in the heart of Cowboys country

PLANO, Texas (KTRK) -- Dallas might be home, but some Houston sports fans vow never to forget where they come from.

This weekend, the Houston Texans will take on the Dallas Cowboys in a pre-season game on ABC13. It's a game a group of fans will be watching closely.

"I grew up in Houston, but I've lived here for 19 years," Texans fan Chris Meza said. "I think I have a fair assessment on which city is better, and I'm still repping one city."

A few years ago, a social media group called, "Houston Texans fan club in Dallas," was formed to connect Houston sports fans living in Dallas.

A relationship they say they needed because it's not always easy.

"It's always somebody needling," Meza explained. "Trying to get you under your skin. Trying to say, When's the last time you won a championship?"

"But in fairness, I think we give them the same sort of kicks in Houston as well," said Texas fan Shohreh Zareh.

The group doesn't just come together to support the Texans, at II Brothers Bar & Grill in Plano, they get together to cheer for the Rockets and Astros too.

"You move for work," Zareh said. "It's half your choice, the other half not, it definitely brings a homey feel to it."

For some of these Houston fans living in Texas, the move was only a year ago. For others, it's been decades.

No matter the length, each one vows to never support the Cowboys.

"Hell no," Zareh said. "In case you can't stream that. No, not at all."

"You've got to dig me back up first, and then put the Cowboys jersey on me," said Texans fan John Sosa.

Which is why they'll keep taking over sports bars in the heart of Dallas and letting Cowboys fans know they aren't the only football team in Texas.

"I came up Houston strong, and I haven't relented since," Meza said.

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