Volunteers turn old water bottles into community art

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Carol Simon is an artist who found a way to make art out of something that many people toss in the trash.

"I started out with a chandelier shape with water bottles. Then, I realized this is really a pretty easy project, so maybe I can do this with the community and participate and we can do something better and bigger," Simon said.

With that, Simon started thinking bigger. She met with the First Ward Beautification Council, and they came up with a plan.

"We're recycling or upcycling 30,000 water bottles. The water bottles are then going to be put on a fence after we paint them and cut them," said Simon.

With the help of volunteers, all of the water bottles will be turned into colorful creations and placed on a 150-foot fence.

After the spray paint dries, the volunteers cut the water bottles into different shapes and sizes.

"You do anything you want, and I think that's pretty cool," said volunteer Suzy Wheat.

Each of the water bottles are then placed onto a fence overlay, which will be placed at Houston Avenue and Edward.

"When people are stuck at that red light at that railroad track, they're going to see this beautiful garden of flowers that are made out of water bottles that are never going to die when the weather changes," said Simon.

Simon hopes it's an idea that is recycled by others.

"I see this as an opportunity to do this everywhere from other materials and it turns into beautiful thing," said Simon.

They are meeting every other Saturday to work on the project until it's finished.
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