Angel-shaped cloud photographed by Montgomery man seen by some as 'sign from God'

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Unusual cloud formation in Montgomery resembles glowing angel in the sky

On Highway 105 near Walden on Lake Conroe, Danny Ferarro and his wife were driving to a meeting.

"We weren't looking forward to it, because we had uncertainty about what it involved," he said.

Then he did a double take. In the sunset, a cloud formation, with rays of sunlight, stunned him.

"I said, 'that's an angel,'" he said.

He took the picture on his cell phone through the windshield of his moving car. He later posted it on his Facebook page.

"I have nearly 2,000 shares on my little page," he said. From his post, it was shared on, and it took off.

"We've had people from China and Russia and Germany commenting on it," he said. What touches him most is the inspiration others are finding in it.

"There are people who lost loved ones, who see it as a sign from God," he said.

In particular, a family friend who lost a child to suicide commented that the day Ferarro took the image was her daughter's birthday.

His Facebook post has reached thousands of people.

"I never dreamed we'd get 1,000 shares. I just took a picure. Now that I reflect on it it's a moment I'll never forget. I'm speechless, honored and blessed to have the responsibility of sharing that picture."

The formation is considered an example of crepuscular rays from the sun, cutting through clouds. That's science, but Ferraro believes it's something more.

"It's like God telling He's with us, and everything is going to be okay," he said.

He said that meeting about which he and his wife were concerned, "went better than expected."
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Unusual cloud formation resembles glowing angel in the sky

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