Experts break down gun locks safety options to keep firearms away from children

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As authorities continue investigating the recent shooting involving a child who accidentally shot himself, experts say this is a tragedy that can be prevented.

Some may think it's expensive or hard to secure their weapon, but in fact, it's not and a small cost up front can help prevent a lifetime of pain.

"You buy locks to put on the door of your house and for the possessions - really what you're doing with these safety locks is you're providing the most important lock, and that's the lock that keeps kids away from being able to do something with a gun that results in a tragedy," said Mike Clark, president of Collectors Firearms.

So far, in 2018 alone, five children have suffered accidental gunshot wounds in the Houston area.

So, what should one do as a parent?

Clark says there are several options: the first one is a cable lock.

"You can take this cable lock and put it through the cylinder of the pistol. When you do that, you can't close the cylinder. If you can't close the cylinder, you can't fire the gun," Clark said.

Another option, according to Clark, are safety boxes, that require a combination in order to get a hold of the firearm.

There are also new and innovative options that won't have you breaking that bank - most basic locks are as little as $5 to $8.

Some may argue that it may take too long to unlock your weapon when you really need it, but advocates want you to ask "do you have curious little ones?"

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