First look at Volkswagen's first electric vehicle

The New Volkswagen ID.4 sets a much higher standard for electric vehicles

Friday, February 12, 2021

In the race for electrification, nearly every auto manufacturer has plans for offering fully electric vehicles (EV's) soon. Because of this competition, EV prices are dropping and finally, are starting to be a realistic option for most people as they consider their next car - even against traditional internal combustion engines.

However, when looking forward to the models available in this segment, there is one forthcoming model that is poised to rise above the electric and internal combustion competition: the Volkswagen ID.4 from Volkswagen Cypress.

The new EV from VW, the ID.4 is everything you could want in a vehicle, made even better by its electrification-a true EV for the masses.

Here are five reasons why everyone in Houston should be excited:

Aggressively priced

In the compact SUV segment, $30,000 - $40,000 can get you a lot for your money. Heavy hitters like the Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V, and Mazda CX-5, all fall within this range - but none of them offer fully electric versions of those models or the amount of advanced standard features and space that the VW ID.4 does.

If EV's are what you're cross-shopping, the closest competitors are the Tesla Model Y and the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E (it's not a traditional Mustang, but an EV SUV wearing a Mustang badge). However, their expensive starting prices, starting at over $49,990 and $42,895 respectively, are out of reach for many Houstonians.

This is where the appeal of the VW ID.4 is strong. The ID.4 is everything those vehicles are and more, albeit at a lower starting price.

The ID.4 will start at $39,995 for the Pro trim level, and $43,995 for the 1st Edition, which is already sold out. Both of the stated prices are before the federal tax credit of $7,500.

Compared with the higher starting prices of Tesla and Ford, the VW ID.4 makes a compelling case for "the whole package" and a competitive price.

Enhanced standard features

The attractive pricing of the ID.4 is made all the more enticing considering the vast amount of standard features included that are usually only seen on vehicles costing much more than the ID.4.

Futuristic interior aside, the ID.4 is replete with features like 82kWh of battery power, heated mirrors, park distance control, rain-sensing windshield wipers, customizable ambient lighting, wireless smartphone charging, a 10 color touchscreen with navigation, Forward Collision Warning, and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist), Pedestrian Monitoring (included in Front Assist), Blind Spot Monitor (Side Assist), Rear Traffic Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Travel Assist, Lane Assist, Emergency Assist, and much more.

There are more standard technical, safety, and interior features on the ID.4 than any other vehicle even close to this price!

If the latest tech and features are important to you, especially when wrapped in a fully electric package, look no further than the VW ID.4 from Volkswagen Cypress.

Maximum interior space

In the ID.4, the vehicle's battery is flat, almost like a skateboard that you then put the vehicle's body on. This platform, VW's new MEB platform, is all about keeping a low center of gravity while maximizing interior space.

James Tate of The Drive describes the spacious interior as "...functional, and fun, the interior feels airy, particularly considering the CUV's small size. It's easy to get in and sit down, regardless of which door you've opened."

While the ID.4 is considered a compact SUV, it feels anything but compact inside. The ID.4 is designed with all passengers in mind, not just the driver. With enough room for four friends, legroom in the rear is a generous 37.6 inches, with cargo space coming in at 64.2 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down, the ID.4 is capable of much more than its size would suggest.

Fun Driving Experience

So, sure, the ID.4 is affordable, spacious, and rich in standard features, but how does it drive?

If reviews from reputable car review institutions like Car and Driver, and The Drive are any indication, the ID.4 is delightful.

"In the solid win column, the ID.4 was clearly the best-handling machine in our trio," states Jonathon Ramsey of Car and Driver. "Steering is sharp...damping and body control are excellent...it hasn't sacrificed roominess or utility for looks. Dynamically, the little crossover already delivers, a chunky pup game to get friskier than almost any of its buyers will ever demand."

With the ID.4 electric doesn't mean sacrifice. From the moment you hit the pedal, you'll feel instant torque!

With a range of 250 miles, fun driving dynamics, excellent standard features, and space to spare-not to mention never having to fill up with gas again-the ID.4 is a compelling choice for those looking for an EV that can do it all, at an affordable price.

Ease of ordering

Curious about building one out for yourself? Meet the ID.4 here. You can go to VW Cypress and start building your ID.4 so you get it just the way you want it.

As mentioned, the 1st Editions are already sold out, but the Pro trim is still available to reserve. Due to limited supply, it's best to order one ahead of time at Volkswagen Cypress. Reserving an ID.4 only costs $100 and is refundable should you decide to wait. But, with all that the ID.4 offers, why would you?

Have questions about the ID.4 or how to order? Contact Volkswagen Cypress today.