HPD: Man gunned down after ignoring mom's plea to leave apartment complex

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Sunday, August 7, 2016
Man dies after ignoring mother's pleas to leave apartment complex
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Raw video shows the scene where a man was gunned down in northwest Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Detectives say a man was shot and killed after ignoring pleas from his mother to leave an apartment complex out of concern for his safety.

Neighbors heard someone open fire around 10:43pm at the Green Oak Village apartments on Blalock Road near Kempwood Drive.

Shortly thereafter, a man was found shot to death inside a black Camaro.

HPD says the victim's mother called and someone picked, telling the woman her son had been shot.

Police say the mother called her son an hour before the shooting, pleading for him to come home after hearing of several robberies at a neighboring apartment complex.

Investigators say the victim was visiting a friend who lives at the complex before the shooting.

At this point, HPD says it is hard to tell why the shooting happened.

Detectives say the victim was armed and was able to get off a couple of rounds from inside the car before he was fatally shot.

Officers hope the apartment's single surveillance camera captured images that might lead to the man's killer.