More millennials getting "financially naked" with prenup

Some people call it a divorce contract, but others believe prenuptial agreements force couples to have a necessary conversation before marriage.

A survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers finds more than 50 percent of participating attorneys are seeing an increase in millennial prenups.

Business owner Erin Lowry is about to walk down the aisle, but says she will not do so without a prenup.

"Marriage is about love and it's about romance, but I would never get into another contractual obligation without protecting myself, and marriage is a contract," said Lowry.

Her fiancé has some student debt that the two plan to pay off after the wedding.

"The way my lawyer put it, which I really love, is that everyone has a prenup," said Lowry. "It's the law of your state, but by actually going through the process of signing one and creating one yourself, you're taking the power back."

Lowry said her fiancé initially thought of the agreement as a "divorce contract" but eventually came around. She recommends the prenup process for everyone because she says it will force couples to get what she calls "financially naked."

Experts say every couple does not need a prenup, but you should seek a lawyer's advice if you do want one.

Keep in mind, you and your spouse will each need a separate lawyer if you decide on it.
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