Power Wizard finds the best electricty rates for you!

Power Wizard wants to save you money on electricty!

Watch Power Wizard on H-Town Spotlight
Watch Power Wizard on H-Town Spotlight

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On August 9, we highlighted Power Wizard! Summer heat means high summer electricity bills in Houston, but you can protect yourself from a surprise hit on your wallet. Electricity prices have risen from last year, so it may be difficult to match those prices, but that doesn't mean you can't still get the best rates available. For just $14.95 Power Wizard does the leg work for you and searches and compares hundreds of electricity plans from many electricity providers to find the best one for you.

Get started and find the best electricity rate customized for your home. Power Wizard works on your behalf and is not compensated by any electricity providers. So rest assured, Power Wizard works for you and not the electricity providers.

If you want to do the research on your own, don't fall into the trap of gimmicky electricity rates. While free nights or weekend plans, gift cards, promotions, and credit back seem like a good deal, most customers end up paying much more for electricity - hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Power Wizard joined H-Town Spotlight to help you find the best electricity plan. Here is what the expert says:

1. Shop for electricity every single time your contract ends. Just like credit cards and car insurance, new electricity customers typically get the best offers.

2. Make sure your electricity usage matches the prices quoted. Many electricity providers lure customers with a low rate that only applies to low or high usage customers.

3. Avoid gimmicky free nights, weekends, days, gift cards, and smart devices plans. They aren't free and the electricity rate is much higher to compensate for the freebies.

4. Compare hundreds of electricity prices easily and all in one place with Power Wizard. Power Wizard does the hard work so you can avoid the stress of shopping for electricity.

And, because Power Wizard doesn't accept referral fees from electricity providers, they put their members first and offer the most competitive prices. See the best plan for your address in 30 seconds!

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