'HE'S A BLESSING': Disabled man gets a new pup after losing pet to cancer

PORTLAND, Maine (KTRK) -- Pete Cole is a disabled man in need of a friend to help heal his broken heart.

Angel is a 3-year-old corgi mix and a playful pup in need of a home.

From the loss of Cole's beloved pet, through the cruelty of being taken advantage of by an online pet scam, there's now a happy ending.

Cole's pug Gizmo died six months ago from cancer.

When he tried to get another dog, he got wrapped-up in an overseas puppy selling scam, costing him $500.

"After that scam situation, I was so mad I didn't know what to think," Cole said. "I didn't think I was going to get a dog."

On Thursday, WGME-TV exposed the scam and the website.

"I mean, yesterday was kind of rough," Cole said. "I just stayed in bed all day yesterday. Didn't have no 'umph.'"

But with the help of the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, two strangers, each in need of something, became fast friends.

"There's nothing like the companionship of an animal," Jeana Roth said. "So, when we heard what Pete went through, we thought it was really important to help find him a new companion to feel that love and affection again."

After some paperwork and an adoption counseling session, Pete and Angel were on their way.

"It changes your mind on the human side of people," Cole said. "When I got scammed I just thought, everybody's out there ripping everybody off."

But Cole knows this pup was meant for him.

"His name's Angel, so it's a blessing."
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