Trump pushes out Priebus, names DHS' Kelly WH chief of staff

Houston is home to the 41st president, George H. W. Bush. It's also home to Chase Untermeyer, who worked for Bush when he was president and before that, vice president. Untermeyer also worked in the Reagan White House.

He's seen the inner workings of the White House, the shuffling of directors and cabinet members. Now he's seeing the shuffling inside the Trump White House with the rest of the American public.

"A lot of Presidents have shaking-out periods, and that may be what we're seeing now, only more so," Untermeyer said.

In just over six months of the Trump presidency, his national security director, national security advisor, FBI director, communications director and press secretary have either resigned or been fired.

Friday, it was his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, who stepped down after new communications director Anthony Scaramucci appeared to hint in a tweet that Priebus was a so-called "leaker."

The president congratulated his new chief of staff on Twitter and in a brief comment to reporters, calling former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly a "star" and thanking Priebus for his service.

"The common links to those kinds of presidents are the ones who didn't expect to be elected and they didn't do that much advance thinking, planning or recruiting," he said.

He believes order may come over time. Until then, he suggested the golden rule might be a good one to follow in Washington.

"Treat people well, and they'll treat you well," he said -- and more controlled tweets would help as well.

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