Duo armed with cameras take risky climb up US-59 bridge

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Friday, August 2, 2019
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The daredevil photographers say they wanted to get another perspective of Houston, but don't advise anyone to risk their lives for the sake of a picture.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When the sun goes down and the lights come on, driving down US-59 near Montrose is quite mesmerizing.

For two friends, it was just the spot they wanted to do it for the 'Gram.

"We take photos at tons of different freeways, buildings, bridges," Phillip Emerson said.

"Obviously, we know there is risk involved with anything we do," Alex Froehlich adds.

It is definitely risky business once you take a look at the photos and you can see how intense the climb was.

The video is just heart stopping because one wrong step and you can just imagine the end result.

"I am very cautious about it, but I never get afraid of falling because I'm confident in my abilities," Emerson said. "I am very cautious about it."

Both men expressed 100% confidence in what they do, but they don't advise anyone to follow their lead or risk their lives for the sake of a picture.

"I would advise you to think very carefully because that's very risky," Emerson said.

So the reason they do it?

"We just capture Houston in a way that no one else gets to see it," Emerson said.

Getting on the 59 bridge, they said, is the most dangerous climb so far. Other pictures they've taken create an illusion.

"There is one where it looks like I'm leaning over, and if I lean one more inch over I might fall off, but in reality the floor below us, there's a balcony sticking out and if you fall, worst case scenario is break a leg," Froehlich said.

ABC13 reached out to TxDOT, who provided the following statement.

"Our bridge structures are not built for pedestrians to climb on top of. This is clearly unsafe behavior. We'd recommend using sidewalks and other pedestrian facilities that are built for and have the safety precautions needed for that purpose."

As for the climbing duo, they claim they have never been in any big trouble.

"Yeah, we have been caught many times for it," Froehlich said. "It's just a perspective that no one else in Houston sees. I just love sharing that on my Instagram and on my social media, so people can see Houston for the amazing city that it is."

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