A quinceañera for a cat? Purr-fect!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Quinceanera Cat
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Pet lover throws quinceanera for their cat.

APEX, North Carolina (KTRK) -- Everyone loves a good birthday party, but have you ever thrown a party for your pet?

One family from North Carolina decided their beloved cat Luna's 15th birthday party was worth more than just a happy birthday wish. Maritza Olavarri, Luna's grandmother, thought the only proper way to celebrate was to throw a quinceañera.

Originally celebrated in Latin America, quinceañeras are typically large family affairs where the birthday girl gets dressed up in a fancy princess-like dress. The age old tradition is similar to an American Sweet 16 birthday party.

The Olavarria family went all out, planning the party a week in advance and sending invitations to close family and friends.

Maritza made sure there were birthday balloons, table decorations, and food for Luna and the guests. Instead of ordering an actual tiara like many young women wear for their quinceañeras, Maritza went to Wal-Mart where she found a crown-shaped Christmas ornament that worked perfectly. She even went so far as to order a pink dress for Luna's special day.

One the family posted the party on their Facebook and Instagram page, #quinceañeracat was spreading like wild fire. The family thinks the party was a 'purr-fect' success.

You can find Luna on Instagram by using her handle @luna_sheridan22. For Luna's Facebook page click here.

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