You got to be kitten me! A cat with 28 toes!

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Meet Paws, a cat with 28 toes (KTRK)

We all know that cats have nine-lives and 20 toes, but there's one special cat in Minnesota named "Paws" that has 28 toes, which ties a Guinness Book world record.

Paws is a polydactyl cat. She has three extra toes on each forepaw and one extra on her back paws.

Owner Jeanne Martin said her genetic trait comes in handy.

"It almost looks like a catcher's mitt. But she can walk on the edge of a drawer, for instance, because her feet can grip like this," said Martin.

When she takes Paws to the vet to get her claws trimmed, Jeanne always reminds them to make sure they get all twenty-eight.

Fun fact, sailors were long known to have polydactyl cats like Paws because of their excellent climbing skills.
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