Cat clings to top of van at 60 mph, caught on camera

OMAHA, Nebraska -- To many it was a bizarre scene - a cat on top of a van.

The video has gone viral and Nebraska Humane Society officials are concerned and want to know what happened to the feline.

The video was taken by the Rankin family as they were traveling on Interstate 480 in Nebraska. They were traveling at 60 mph.

"I said, 'there's a cat on your roof,' and I keep saying, 'a cat on your roof.' Then she looks at me and she's like, 'oh my God.' She looks startled, and so immediately they slow down," said Ronda Rankin.

Rankin told KETV that she did see the van pull over.

Despite the possible scenerio of the van pulling over and the cat coming down to safer ground, Humane Society officials want to know for sure.

"We have never seen a video like that before," said Mark Langan of the Nebraska Humane Society. "How that cat held on at high speeds like that is amazing. I want to know what happened to the cat. People in Omaha want to know what happened to the cat. Let's find out what happened to this poor cat."

All they can really tell from the video is that the cat appears to be an adult. As to what happened to the feline, as of now, no one seems to know.