Legoland visitor catches peeping tom while she, toddler were changing in theme park

LANCASTER, California -- A Lancaster family shared their horrific story of a theme park peeping tom who targeted them at Legoland.

Charisma Jucaban and her family visited Legoland in California earlier this week. She had just finished changing herself and her 2-year-old daughter into their swimsuits when she noticed something that didn't belong.

"I saw a phone at the corner, which is under the divider of the stalls. So I called out to that person, 'Excuse me, what's that phone doing there?'" she recalled.

She thought it may have been a child or just an accident, but it was not.

"As soon as I heard the door open, I ran out to take a look, but he was already making a turn. And I was kind of standing there like, 'What just happened?' My husband is looking at me like, What's going on?' I was like, 'Did you see that guy?'" Jucaban explained.

Her husband didn't see him, but Legoland security cameras did. They found someone matching Jucaban's description, and early Thursday morning Carlsbad police arrested 26-year-old Anthony Galindo of Los Angeles on a charge of invasion of privacy.

"They looked through his phone and found a bunch of disturbing - they didn't really specify what it was - I don't really want to know. And from there, the police arrested him," she said.

Legoland released a statement that reads in part: "Park staff acted promptly as the safety and security of park guests is the number one priority. Park officials are assisting Carlsbad police with the investigation."

The information about the suspect's phone was given to Jucaban by security. It has not been verified by Carlsbad police.

As far as her actions in the incident, they are a good lesson in what to do in this situation.

Jucaban said she was hesitant to even say something at first because she didn't want to wrongfully accuse someone, but she told park security and police were able to make the arrest successfully.
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