Parents find 'unprofessional' question about COVID-19 on online quiz

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Teacher asks students 'Is coronavirus a scam?' during quiz
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Click play to see the quiz on teacher sent to students that some parents are now calling controversial.

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Parents of several students at Pearland ISD said they're concerned after a Science teacher asked children if they believed coronavirus was a scam.

An image of the quiz was uploaded to the Parents in Pearland ISD Facebook group page by Elizabeth Madrigal on Monday. Many parents shared the same emotion in the comment section by labeling the question unprofessional, and faulting the teacher.

Madrigal said, "It could have (SHOULD have) been asked with a yes/no answer with no right or wrong." Instead, the teacher made 'true' the correct answer, suggesting the virus is a hoax.

She emailed the teacher, who ultimately apologized, saying they didn't know it was offensive and that the question would be removed.

It was not her goal to get the teacher fired, however, she said, "People are entitled to their opinions, I just don't want your opinions interfering with teaching my kids fact based sciences."

Principal Dr. Charles Allen emailed parents regarding the quiz. Allen said the teacher was attempting to familiarize themselves with the online learning system and did not intend on implying that the virus should not be taken seriously.