Paramedics call 3-year-old gunshot victim 'brave little trooper'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 3-year-old who was shot during a gunfight at an apartment complex remains in critical condition at Texas Children's Hospital.

Sir Romeo Milam was hit by a stray bullet Tuesday night at the King's Row Apartments in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

His grandmother, who previously called on the mayor to help clean up the area, said her grandson is undergoing a second surgery today.

Two paramedics who worked to keep him alive call the boy a brave little trooper.

"Me and my partner, we hop in the back of the ambulance. I see a 3-year-old kid on a stretcher," said Joshua Carabajal, a paramedic and fire fighter with the City of Houston.

His partner, Daryll Walker, said the child stayed strong, even as chaos surrounded him.

"The little boy had a gunshot wound in the right upper quadrant. He was able to talk, he was able to follow simple commands, but he was critical."

It was a police officer who rushed Milam to the ambulance, once in the truck there was no family around.

The paramedics not only treated the child, but cared for him too.

"He was starting to decline, but we were continuously talking to him, saying 'hey, try to stay awake for us. Stay awake, stay awake,'" said Carabajal.

The trained professionals say they've seen many adults with gunshot wounds, and tell Eyewitness News the 3-year-old remained just as calm.

"He was a trooper," said Carabajal.

Upon hearing about the paramedics by her grandson's side, Loriann Milam said, "Thank you guys, too. God bless you, and everything that you touch."

Both paramedics say they hope to one day meet little Sir Romeo Milam.

Police are still looking for the public's help to find the shooter.

Please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS to remain anonymous and leave a tip to bring justice for Milam.
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